Photobooth props // free download and tutorial

I had such fun making photobooth props for our wedding. I spent ages trying to find free downloadable pictures and then making some of my own. I also managed to use illustrator to trace and edit some other pictures that I found. So, today I’ll be giving you my collection of props. We also added in some cheap hats, plastic glasses etc to add some variety.

It gave the guests something to do while we were having photos and then we also did a group photo of each table before supper, to make sure that we had a photograph of each guest. (Unfortunately my external harddrive is currently not responding, so I only have access to the official photographs and the informal photos that I had uploaded to facebook ..WHOOPS)

Free Wedding Photo Booth Props Download!

Awesome Photobooth props Collection - Free download // Pure Sweet Joy

Our parents getting in on the action:

Awesome Photobooth props Collection - Free download // Pure Sweet Joy

What you need:

Photobooth Prop Images (available below)
A black foam sheet
Wooden Craft sticks
Glue (I used a gluegun)

Amazing selection of free printable photobooth props for a wedding or party // Free Download

How to make the props:

Print out the pdf (available above).
For the plain black photobooth props use the images as a stencil on the foam and cut around the edges. (For the colourful props, like the lips, stencil the foam with the image and then stick the image on the front)
Cut the pointy end off the kebab stick.
Use the glue to stick the sticks onto the back of the props (close to the edge of the prop).
Because the glue gave a lighter appearance on the back, I just coloured over the glue with black permanent marker, to disguise it.

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(Prop inspiration courtesy of, and hopefully no-one else that I left out. I’ll add them here if I find more)

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Photo Booth Props // Free Download

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23 thoughts on “Photobooth props // free download and tutorial

  1. Jill says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this freebie! They are truly going to save me time and energy! I will be sure to tag you in my New Years Blog post! You’re the best!

    Happy New Year!

  2. iLse says:

    Hi there, you dont perhaps have free printable photo booth props for a Mafia theme party? hubby is turning 40. thank you ! xx

  3. preety singh says:

    Love your blog,i love diy , so so much.. right now im going crazy and nuts planning my wedding in May, thanks i used the photo booth prop pdf

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