Ribbon Bunting Cake Topper // DIY

Oh cake toppers, how I love you so, especially when you are made into ribbon bunting from my little scraps. This little cake topper was actually dreamt up as a simple prop, while shooting this wooden cake stand. It was just looking a little bare without any cake topper flair. If this can be made mid-shoot, it’s definitely a quick and easy addition to any cake.

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DIY Desk Organiser // Homeology

Being tidy may not be one of my strong points (I prefer being the one making the mess…), but I am slowly trying to get more organised. I’m sure I’m not alone in this? I find that my desk is always a good place to start, so here’s a little DIY desk organiser. To make it as functional as possible, it’s got a cork board section for pinning important notes and a magnet section to keep the messy paperclips in one place. Pretty nifty, right?

DIY Desk Organizer with cork board for notes and magnet space for paperclips. How nifty

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Income Report – July & August 2016

It’s come to that time again when I need to compile a Income Report. It’s always a bit of a scary time, as I have to out all the numbers together and analyse things a bit. I know that my numbers are relatively small-fry compared to so many people, but at the end of the day, I love doing all things Pure Sweet Joy and would probably be doing it even it brought in nothing!

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Making healthy smoothies? // 7 tips to make sure

Have you been having a morning smoothie pick me up? Whatever time you have yours, are you sure that they are actually healthy smoothies? Many people fall into the trap of thinking their smoothies are the BEST thing ever, but if you aren’t careful they could be giving you unnecessary extra calories.

Are you making healthy smoothies? Follow these 7 simple steps from a dietitian to make sure you're getting the best boost!

If you know me, you’ll know for sure that I am not the type of dietitian to say that you should never have any treats (to see some proof see these vanilla cupcakes, oat waffles and chocolate cake recipes), BUT we need to very careful of things like smoothies that we may be having more regularly.

If used correctly smoothies can be a great way to get in some fruit and vegetables (especially for those who normally struggle with the fresh stuff!) in a balanced way. I’ve put together a few simple tips to make sure that you are making healthy smoothies, that provide you with the best boost that you can get. Continue reading