Cuddle Weather Print // Homeology

What is your favourite time of the year? As much as I love a good sunny day, I really do enjoy the days where you get to stay home, wrap up in a blanket and cuddle up with hot chocolate. (Any recommendations for the best hot chocolate??) In fact, I love it so much, that I made a cuddle weather print to prove it! You can get it as a free download over on Homeology.

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Marbled Cement Candle Holders // DIY

You know those DIYs that you start, but then you leave them sitting half finished for AGES? These gorgeous cement candle holders are one of those! I’m so glad I’ve finally finished them and now they can be put to good use.

DIY Marbled Cement Candle Holders with Copper Pipe // Simple Tutorial from Pure Sweet Joy

When I was dreaming up these candle holders I couldn’t find any tips for making the marble effect from cement, so I had to experiment a little to get it to a point where I was happy. If you don’t want the marble effect you can easily make them just using normal cement.

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